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Gods & Goddesses of the Mystery School

“I look forward to joining you on this invaluable journey of enlightenment, as we travel together through doorways of divine teachings with the Gods & Goddesses.”

Alexis Cartwright.

9 Part Mass Healing Series

Do you feel a special connection to a great universal being, such as Merlin or Quan Yin? Have you been experiencing guidance from a specific Ascended Master during Transference Healing sessions and want to know more about their energy and consciousness? Do you wish to understand the teachings of Mystery School Priests and Priestesses, such as Thoth or Morgan le Fay, to gain a greater understanding of how they are working with the ascension of humanity?

For this series, Alexis Cartwright shares her own channellings and teachings on twenty Ascended Masters and divine beings that work with the planet's global healing and ascension. This is a very special opportunity to learn more about these great Gods and Goddesses, and experience their divine presence.

This nine-part series offers you a very special chance to experience some of the divine energies of the Transference Healing Mystery Schools. For those who are called to connect with these Gods and Goddesses, these mass healings and their accompanying invocations will be invaluable to your ongoing spiritual practice.

These invocations came through as Alexis was creating her range of sacred oils. These channelled incantations awaken the divine attributes that each specific being holds. They open doorways into ancient times, sacred realms and higher kingdoms to connect you to their divine presence, supporting alchemical healing and the embodiment of light.

For this series, Alexis shares the energy, teachings and channellings that inspired her while birthing these healing tools. During this series you will delve into the magical properties of each sacred oil. If you own them, we recommend wearing, burning or anointing yourself with one of the accompanying oils for each mass healing event.

Mass Healing Schedule


Ain Soph & St. John the Baptist.


King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba.

Queen Nefertiti & Thoth.



At your leisure.




Mother Mary, Cosmic Christ & Mary Magdalene.


Morgan le Fay & Merlin.


$95 each month for 9 months.

$684 for 9 part package.



Archangel Metatron & Enoch.


Lord Melchizedek & Medusa.

St. Joan of Arc, Lady Nada & Quan Yin.



Goddess Isis & Moses.


In this nine part series you will discover....

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About Alexis Cartwright

Alexis Cartwright is the channel and founder of the healing and ascension modality, Transference Healing. She is an Australian-based teacher who has spent the last thirty years supporting others to raise their vibration, self-master and create a higher reality. Alexis teaches others how to work with frequency, light and alchemy. Her schedule includes mass healings, training events and Mystery Schools, which she facilitates to a large global audience, both in person and online. She has also authored a range of publications, including ‘Beyond Doorways: the Mysteries Revealed’ and the ‘Animal Magic’ divination cards.

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